South African Boer Bok

Autumn Olive Farms is a family based operation in Augusta County. We have a dual focus model with a singular commitment to the health and wellness of the land, animal and the consumer. We raise the beautiful South African Boer Bok as an environmentally sound method to combat the invasive plant species problem while producing one of the finest and healthiest meats in the world right here in the Shenandoah Valley. The combination of the worlds premier, purpose bred and standardized meat goat with the fantastic forage base of invasive species here in the Valley provides a win-win situation for the land, its owner and the consumer.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cat on a "Hen House Roof" and "Tweens"...

Doug on the "Hen House Roof"
The chickens are at it again.  They have decided to abandon Doug's house and use the nesting boxes. It is a much better choice and one that Clay can feel good about since he spent the time to build them such a nice "complex."  The problem is that we have 6 nest "units" available and 5 hens want to use the same one.  Boy I thought it was loud before.  I had to close the door to carry on a phone conversation due the the squawking that was going on out there.  You have never heard such fussing from a bunch of egg laying hens!  It starts all over again once the egg is laid. For some reason they think the whole farm wants to know their business!  Reminds me of some people I have known. 

Doug has also decided to abandon his house as well and has turned the "nesting complex" into a "duplex."  The hens don't seem to mind and as you can see, Doug could care a less.  He just sleeps through it all.  Reminds me of some people I know! 

Louise and her "Tweens."
So much for having cute little fluffy Easter chicks for all of the company to see.  I don't think they will have any "fluff" left by Easter.  They are in that awkward "Tween" stage of their life right now. Fluff AND Feathers! 

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