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Autumn Olive Farms is a family based operation in Augusta County. We have a dual focus model with a singular commitment to the health and wellness of the land, animal and the consumer. We raise the beautiful South African Boer Bok as an environmentally sound method to combat the invasive plant species problem while producing one of the finest and healthiest meats in the world right here in the Shenandoah Valley. The combination of the worlds premier, purpose bred and standardized meat goat with the fantastic forage base of invasive species here in the Valley provides a win-win situation for the land, its owner and the consumer.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

A different kind of kid on the playground...

We were invited by Dr. Mindy Garber, principal at Hugh K. Cassell Elementary School, to bring our goats to the playground to entertain the school kids yesterday.  
 Our Boer Bok goats were the last "kids" to play on the playground before it is to be torn down to make way for a new one.  What a fun afternoon we all had!  

Teachers  and parents were snapping photos. 

Pat Jarrett the photograhper from the Newsleader said it was the highlight of his week!  It is amazing the affect our animals have on people.

The  school kids were squealing and cheering with delight every time a goat jumped off the playground or went up or down the slide. I even heard one teacher say it was okay for the goat kids to break the rule and go up the slide!  The goats had a great time!  

The dogs even got in on the action!  This is Bea, she usually does not like attention, but boy yesterday was a different story!  I looked and there she was standing by the fence letting the kids love on her. This was so good to see. She has been very sick from Lyme's disease. She has had a full recovery!  Thank you Dr. Barton from Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic!  

This is Ms. Peabody our 3 legged goat. She is the most popular goat amongst the kids. They are always looking for and asking about Ms. Peabody. She is an amazing goat!  
 Two of our favorite goats are Wilbur (the one without horns) and #17.  They enjoyed hanging out on the playground.  

One thing you should know is that our goats weren't the last "kids" to play on the playground.  It was actually our son Luke and his friend Forrest.  They were taking a "break" from working...


You see, part of the playground is going to become a "chicken palace" here at Autumn Olive Farms! 

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