South African Boer Bok

Autumn Olive Farms is a family based operation in Augusta County. We have a dual focus model with a singular commitment to the health and wellness of the land, animal and the consumer. We raise the beautiful South African Boer Bok as an environmentally sound method to combat the invasive plant species problem while producing one of the finest and healthiest meats in the world right here in the Shenandoah Valley. The combination of the worlds premier, purpose bred and standardized meat goat with the fantastic forage base of invasive species here in the Valley provides a win-win situation for the land, its owner and the consumer.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jiggity, Jig, Jig....

Introducing the newest additions to Autumn Olive Farms... Two Ossabaw Island Sows.  

The girls have not arrived yet to our farm location as they are off with a Boar. Which means that this Thanksgiving instead of having kids we will be having piglets!  

Ossabaw Island Hogs are a unique breed of pig. They are listed on the American Livestock Breed Conservancy list as critically endangered.  

They were brought to Ossabaw Island in the 1500s off the coast of Georgia by Spanish explorers. Breeding pairs were left on the island to provide food for the explorers when they returned.

In my research I came across an interesting article on

The fat from an Ossabaw hog is found to be high in oleic acid which is the fat that is found in olives. The fat is so unsaturated that it is nearly liquid at room temperature. Could it be that this pork is actually good for you? 

We have learned a few things about the girls.  One is that they love to get massages! I know what you are thinking, no they don't stink. I was surprised to learn that pigs don't stink when raised properly.

They love to eat snacks... So when you come to visit, bring your scraps!
They like to forage in the forest...We are hoping for a good acorn crop this year! 

We will have to put Willow on "squirrel duty."  She will be thrilled with that job. 

They also like to root around in the mud, so wear your boots!  

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